PS 36 Margaret Douglas School : Children's Health Fund

The Healthy and Ready to Learn (HRL) Initiative a pilot program through the Children's Health Fund which aims to address health issues that negatively impact students' learning. We welcome their return to PS 36 for their third year. 

HRL will address health barriers to learning that affect students' behavior, cognition, ability to attend school, and/or ability to be attentive during school such as poorly controlled asthma, vision problems, anemia and more.CHF_HJB.jpg

School Health Coordinator, Ms. Wenimo Okoya and a clinical social worker will be on site for the entire school year and will implement HRL programming. They will work with students, families, teachers, administrators, and other school staff to implement school-wide and targeted screenings and interventions. Workshops will be offered during the year. Contact Ms. Okoya at 646-780-9663. (Ms Okoya with Prin JnBaptist and Asst Prin Green-Toulon)

Guide to School-based Social-Emotional Services

Social-emotional learning refers to the development of emotional self-management, communication, and conflict resolution skills. Developing these skills early in life has been shown to help students choose healthy behaviors, build positive support networks with adults and peers and achieve their academic goals.

PS 36 will also continue to maximize the resources already in place for its students, including the School-Based Support Team (the school psychologist, school counselor, school social worker and special education service providers), the attendance team, the parent coordinator and the parent association.You can learn more about these partnerships and the services available to students.