PS 36 Margaret Douglas School : The Reading Team

                         The Reading Team at PS 36                          

Since 2012, the Reading Team at PS 36 has been providing rigorous early literacy instruction to more than 200 children at PS 36 who attend classes from Pre-K through third grade: 

  • The School-Day Program for children in Pre-K through first grade enables them to develop key foundational skills and concepts, so that they can thrive in their regular classroom program. 


  • The After-School Program serving grade K-3 helps children whose obstacles to learning and language development hamper their ability to succeed in the classroom. This program is expanding upward, one grade a year, through fifth grade.    


The Reading Team at PS 36 is a partnership between PS 36 and the Reading Team—a nonprofit organization that has served the Harlem community for the past 14 years. Its successful early literacy programs enable children who are at high risk of reading failure to become strong and enthusiastic readers, writers, listeners, and speakers and to develop the skills, habits, and behaviors that will support their success in school and in life.

Since 2001, the Reading Team has helped more than 5,000 children achieve substantial and lasting academic success. Replicating its services at PS 36 is allowing us to reach more children in our community, improving their ability to succeed in school and beyond. 


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First-grader Corey Cid, who participates in The Reading Team at P.S. 36, earned the top spot in the “2014 District 5 Superintendent’s Spelling Bee Champion.”
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