PS 36 Margaret Douglas School : Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Margaret Douglas School is led by professional and resourceful staff dedicated to the education and safety of your children. Our Principal, Ms. Heather JnBaptist, strives to achieve higher levels of academic excellence by building meaningful and effective relationships between students, teachers, staff and administrators.

Pre-Kindergarten Teachers/Paraprofessionals
PK 1/101 J. Lin/L.Sanders
PK 2/102 M. Orozco/K. White
PK 3/103 J. Flynn/J. Martinez
PK 4/106 B. Kouassi/G. Peterson
PK 5/202 R. Nadal/ Y. Morton
K- 1/201 C. Aybar
K -2/206(SE) F. Khalid
K- 3/207 (ICT) R. Nadal Duran/V. Perez
K-4/303 S. Smith

First Grade
1- 1/301 B. Broomfield
1- 2/307 P. Carr
1- 3/302 (ICT) S. Fine/M. Kroll

Second Grade
2- 1/226 K. Aleman
2- 2/228 L. Taylor
2- 3/231 (ICT) H. Guijarro/M. Valencia

Third Grade
3-1/331 M.Greene
3-2/327(ICT) L. Brathwaite/ C. Simon
3-3/332 (SE 3/4) K. Roberts

Fourth Grade
4-1/451 D. Williams
4-2/453 (ICT) T. Dinkins/M. Steel
4-3/458 J. Adams Browne

Fifth Grade
5-1/428 (ICT) C. Wu/R. Snipes
5-2/427 L. Smith
5-3/426 (SE 4/5 ) C. Peyron
5-4/432 (Bil. ICT) R. Nadal Martinez/A. Tome

Enrichment Specialists
252 Art N. Santiago England
253 Science 3-5 C. Faulkner
257 Physical Education M. Jackson Toon
431 Comp./Literacy P. Echols
480 Music C. Moronta
483 Library E. Scott Shahid

353 E. Blount

358 L. Rios

Testing Coordinator
353 E. Blount

Special Programs Rooms
BELL Extended Day 457
Everybody Wins 227
RSVP 352
The Reading Team 357
The Reading Team Lab 351
The Reading Team 232
Harlem Dowling 251
Children Health Fund 452
Achievement Initiative 107

Bell Ms. Herrera
The Reading Team Ms. Rover
Harlem Dowling Ms. Fernandez
Children Health Fund Ms. Okoya
Achievement Initiative Ms. Adams

Excess Staff
*P. Hutton
*L. Edwards
Paraprofessionals Room Assign.
Z. Bails
C. Boon
M. Braxton
A. Dubose
L. Johnson
G. Osorio-Alaniz
M. Watts-Harouna
M. Charles
Y. Castillo
E. Hill
J. Pesante

Resource Room (SETTS) 204
D. Ross

Speech Therapists
A. Beard 203
N. Friedman 461
P/T-M. Bogle 232
O/T- F.Rose, J. Wiener 435
A.P.E.-R. Berliner (M-F) 261

Guidance Counselor 306
A. Mathurin

SBST 235
Psychologist-Dr. B. Mercaldo
Social Worker-M. Darbouze
Social Worker - F. DeJesus
I.E.P. Family Worker-P.Green