School Leadership Teams (SLTs) are vehicles for developing school-based educational policies, and ensuring that resources are aligned to implement those policies. SLTs assist in the evaluation and assessment of a school's educational programs and their effects on student achievement.

PS 36

SLT Meeting Dates


 Our monthly meetings will be held on the following dates in the library:

October 26 at 3:00 p.m. 

November 16 at 2:30 p.m.

December 5 at 2:30 p.m. 

January 25 at 3:00 p.m.

February 15 at 2:30 p.m.

March 15 at 2:30 p.m.

April 26 at 2:30 p.m.

May 24 at 3:00 p.m.

June 21 at 3:00 p.m.

Minutes for Wednesday, September 28th Meeting


  •          The meeting began at 2:48 p.m. and ended at 3:30 p.m.  
  •          The attendees were: Ms. Khalid, Ms. Watts Haurona, Ms. Moore and Ms. Jn.Baptist 
  •          We discussed the results of the Framework for Great schools 2016. Results showed an improvement in the area of collaborative teacher, strong family ties and trust.  
  •        Areas for improvement include classroom behavior and peer support for academic work.  
  •          We have received $100,000 RESO A grant from Gale Brewer for technology upgrades.  
  •          We are in the need for more parent volunteers in the lunchrooms,
  •          Harlem Dowling will be supporting our third - fifth grade AIS program which will be held on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.
  •           We will continue to have the Midori and Friends, Artistic Dreams, Harlem Dowling and Reading Team after school programs this school year.


Minutes for October 26, 2016 Meeting.


  •          The meeting began at 3:07 p.m. and ended at 4:07 p.m.  
  •         The attendees were: Ms. Khalid, Ms. Watts Haurona, Ms. Moore, Ms. Rosa, Ms. Shand, Ms. Frith, Ms. Campbell, Ms. Green Toulon, Mr. Ernest and Ms. Jn.Baptist 
  •          We reviewed the Chancellor’s Regs. A665 to review the SLT regulations.
  •          Mr. Ernest shared that the spending plan must be aligned to the CEP goals regarding the percentage for Title 1.
  •          The money for the Title One spending plan must be spent on parents.  The spending plan has to be approved by the PTA members before sharing the plan with the principal for final approval. The money has to be spent by April/May 2017.
  •         We discussed the purpose of the SLT.
  •          Ideas shared during the meeting regarding activities for the school year :
  •      Kindergarten carnival
  •       Field Day
  •           Ms. Rosa suggested inviting members from the Community Board.
  •          Members also discussed fundraising ideas
  •       Raffles to draw parents in
  •       Chocolate Sales

·         We discussed the results of the Framework for Great schools 2016. Results showed an improvement in the area of collaborative teacher, strong family ties and trust.  

Minutes for November 15, 2016

School Leadership Team Meeting – Wednesday, November 15, 2016 at 2:50 to 3:54

Attendees: Ms. JnBaptist-Principal, Ms. Charmaine Frith-Parent, Ms. Khalid-UFT Chapter Leader, Ms. Campbell-Teacher, Ms. Echols-Teacher, Ms. Davis-Parent, Ms. Lassiter-Parent, Ms. McIeish-Parent

*The meeting began with a discussion regarding the fact that the SLT is open to the public.  If there are disciplinary issues to be discussed, those issues would be discussed separately due to privacy issues.

*There is a UFT/SLT bulletin board in the school’s lobby.

*The members of the SLT has provided updated e-mail addresses to keep everyone informed about upcoming meetings.

*There was a question regarding clarification of the District Meeting and whether it is at P.S. 125.

*The PTA discussed the upcoming senior trip to determine whether they would be able to provide the students with a trip to either Medieval Times, Holiday Hill or Washington DC.  Ms. JnBaptist explained that there would not be any funding from the school to assist in the senior trip this year.  An estimate of expenses for the senior trip would need to be done to determine how much money will need to be raised.

*Scholastic Fundraiser will be used to buy Scholastic News for grades K through 2.   

*The Parents discussed having a candy fundraiser.

*After reviewing the 2015/2016 Quality Review School snapshot we noticed a high percentage of Students With Disabilities.

*The economic hardship for students is high (44%).

*Dental work is being administered this year. 

*Attendance issues have to be addressed.

*ELL’s have shown an increase.  Ms. Benson will be working 4 days instead of 3.

*There are 4 more pre-kindergarten seats available.

*Newly admitted students are not counted part of the school’s active budget after October 31st.  Pre-k is not part of the school’s budget due to their having a separate budget.

*AIS students will be serviced beginning December more consistently due to the on-going preparation for the upcoming student testing.

*The next round of student assessments for the upper grades will begin in January 2017.  Students are grouped based on their academic needs.

*The Math performance tasks are being conducted as well as the Mid-Chapter Check.  Re-teach lessons are based on issues shown from the tasks.

*ELA Rubrics-ReadyGEN has its own rubric.

*Teachers are working more collaboratively.

*Social studies have a new guidebook.

*Science – Ms. Fine is the new science teacher.

*Parent workshops – Families are welcome to meet with teachers every Tuesday as well as visit the school on Family Fridays.  The PTA will conduct a survey to determine what areas their students may need assistance in so parents can have a workshop to learn how to assist their children. 

*Fundraiser discussion:

 Box Tops for Education – make it a competition by grade level


            *Trinket Sale

            *Bake Sale

            There has to be a discussion as to what the funds will be used for based on needs.  There has to be accountability for tracking funds.


*Donations or affiliate programs such as Target.

            *Coat drive for all students to receive a coat.  Possible date: 12/8/16

Notifications for the coat drive would need to go out before Thanksgiving or right after.


 Opening 2:42PM

Ms. JnBaptist suggested the minutes from the November 15, 2016 be read at your leisure. 

Superintendent Gale Reeves, Ms. Turchin and Mr. Herman from the planning committee are in attendance.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss TCCS plan on using space temporarily in P.S. 36.

Gale Reeves addressed the attendees regarding the opportunity and share concerns about the recommendation of co-relocation of TCCS in P.S. 36.

Sarah Turchin and Eric Herman stated they are attending to address any concerns we may have about the proposal for the 2017 school-year.

Eric Herman said it would be a temporary re-location, A-190 process, addresses how many grades would be in the school, programs offered by TCCS.  An educational impact statement meeting is to be held by the end of January. The final vote would be in February in Brooklyn.  There would be a joint public hearing to vote on the proposal.  The deputy chancellor would do a walk-through to determine whether this venture would move forward. 

TCCS has students from kindergarten through grade 8 and is a District 5 school.  There isn’t enough space at their current location.  They are looking to find a more suitable location to move into for a short timeframe.

Gale Reeves: Pre-k through grade 8 currently in a leased space.  During this time frame, the office of district planning has been actively looking for space.  They have also looked at private space but there is not space available in District 5.  There was discussion of using a District 6 school but that school is no longer relocating.  Presently, the DOE is considering a permanent space or a split side space.  There is still discussion about which grades will move into the new location. 

Turchin: The CBOs would continue to work within PS 36 so they do not want to disturb those programs.  P.S. 36 will have the same space according to the educational footprint of the current school year.

Gale Reeves: There’s always tension regarding shared space and how will this impact our school and our students.  What concerns or issues does anyone have at this time?

Debra: Based on past issues dealing with my child’s IEP concerns not being addressed due to the lack of space.  I was referred to P.S. 36 because they had the resources to accommodate my child’s needs.  How is this co-location going to impact those resources for children needing services?

Gale Reeves: Schools have to accommodate the school’s special needs. 

Ms. Davis: How long has PS 36 been in consideration and why did we just find out about it last week?

Turchin: We were considering other locations first.

Ms. Moore: I just had a meeting with parents at PS 125.  What happens with taking space from PS 36 and how is this going to benefit our students? 

Turchin: Teachers will not have to reduce the number of students it serves and will not need to excess students.  

Gale Reeves: Excessing is based on the school’s budget.

Ms. Moore: The school is falling apart.  The school was built for pre-k to 2 but the older students can’t utilize the playgrounds.

Gale Reeves: Additional resources and elected officials did a walk through to try to get additional resources.  We did receive some additional support such as Reading Team.  We are looking to expand our technology in our classroom for our students.  We are continually actively trying to get more resources.  The technology lab was updated.  Gail Brewer discussed the renovation of the playground. 

Ms. Moore: Is it going to be in writing how long the stay will be for TCCS?  The past issues with the co-location at PS 125 was that there wasn’t an agreement in place.

Gale Reeves: The Educational Impact statement will address how long they will stay and how much space they use.

Ms. Rosa: What grades, K-8 or what?

Turchin: Pre k, K, 1

Gale Reeves: The concerns we had were to have the entire school to be in one building.  The middle school students will need a science lab so they will stay in the old location.

Ms. Moore: If they have a robotics program, will our schools have access?

Gale Reeves: They can share the programs and they work collaboratively.  We are not talking about a charter school.  With principals working together, there’s no problem with sharing resources.

Ms. Shanny: With having more than one pre-k being offered, how are the parents going to be able to decide which program to enroll their child in?

Gale Reeves: They have their own process, which should not change.

Ms. Rosa: Will our graduating 5th graders have access to attend TCCS?

Turchin: They would have to apply the same as the regular process.

Gale Reeves: We have already started the process of selecting schools and TCCS was not on the list but they will be for the next go round.

Ms. Rosa: Would PS 36 students have access to TCCS?

Gale Reeves: The process would be the same that students would have to apply to attend as usual.

Ms. Benson: Sharing common resources.  The cafeteria – 10:30 – 12:30.  How will that work with having an additional school? 

Ms. Shanny: There’s no gymnasium or auditorium. 

Parent: (My main concern, there are 11,000 seats being made for the downtown area.)  Are the parents going to be cordial to each other? What is going to happen to our students?  Where is the community for the children?  What is going to happen to our school? 

Gale Reeves: I’m trying to hear the question. 

Parent: If another school comes in, there’s going to be a complete face-lift on the school and we will be phased out.

Gale Reeves: I concur that District 5 does matter and we need to continue to advocate for it.  As for parents not getting along, it was more of an issue with charter schools and may not be an issue as we are both D5 schools.

Gale Reeves: The Footprint will remain. 

Parent: If we get new programs, where will we be able to put those programs?

Gale Reeves: We have to be honest that we may have to move some programs.  We will take into

Ms. Davis: How if the parents don’t want the school to come in, then what happens?

Gale Reeves: The panel has final say about if the school has to what happens.

Ms. Moore: Will there be an additional school trying to co-locate once TCCS leaves?

Gale Reeves: There won’t be an additional school who would need to use part of 36 as this will be a split-sight for this particular situation.

How many classes:

Turchin: Pre-k to 2 so we don’t know exactly how many classes.

Ms. Moore: How many children?

Eric Herman: From 200 to 280 students.

Turchin: No more than 200 students.

There would need to be administrative spaces but some may be at the old location. 

How was PS 36 chosen as the co-location site?

Turchin: There’s a list of under-utilized list and that was the starting point.  What is on paper doesn’t necessarily match the reality of what is happening in the school.

This school isn’t appropriate for middle school students and it is not.

Ms. Green: This school used to have over 1,000 students but to meet the needs of our students we have the right amount of space.  The reality is that we don’t know the mind-set of a new school.  The fact that our therapists and support staff utilize the “empty” spaces is something that we don’t know if that will work with less space.  The parking may be an issue as well. 

Gale Reeves: At the end of the day, it boils down to us working with children.  Students take the lead from us and the tone we set.

Ms. Moore: We cannot have children in the same building not speaking to each other.  It becomes an issue.

JnBaptist: Children are children, we have many programs to address the whole child and their mental health, physical/dental health.  It is a community school.  They need privacy when we meet with the parents and the children.  We don’t want the separation. 

Campbell: How will the cafeteria issues be addressed? 

Turchin: They would make a schedule for shared space.  Office of campus governance works with both schools.

Gale Reeves: The principals would need to get together, I think that’s the best way.  The principals will need to determine the schedule.

Turchin: They are looking to use the space for 3 years. 

Parent: if we don’t stand strong for our parents and our students, PS 36 will be phased out if we don’t stand strong, 3 years is too long.  You knew that you needed space for your school for 6 years so why hasn’t someone built another school.

Ms. Moore: I think that the plan has been to phase out PS 36 years ago.  Our students will not be able to attend TCCS if PS 36 doesn’t stand strong.

Parents say they aren’t having their needs met so why attend these meetings and voice our opinions.  I’m going to continue to advocate for my community.  3 years doesn’t sound like temporary co-location.  They could have built a school from the ground up.

JnBaptist: As long as my children and parents continue to get their needs addressed and we see the progress, we can make it happen.

Karen Dixon, Harlem Dowling director: When we first heard we were concerned about how the parents would respond.  When we first came into the school “you better not come into school with that bad experience”.  When you talk about 3 years, it seems as if it’s going to go through, but the structural concerns need to be addressed.  Gardens of Dream foundation is working with the school.  LaCrosse has to be taken to a new location.  Lunch from 10:30 to 1:30 is an issue.  Students who eat at 10:30 are ravenous by the time they come to after school.  The new computers are from Harlem Dowling. 

How do we make it work and the needs of the school are real.

Will the number of students be increasing as well?  The middle school will be taking the students. 

What are the school hours? 8:30 and extended day.

TCCS students pay for their afterschool program so would their students attend our free afterschool programs?

The principals would have to determine that.

We have many schools that have co-locations so we make it work. It comes down to tone and attitude. 

Campbell: Which side of the building would TCCS try to move in to? 

Turchin: The planning committee has to come in to determine what works best.   

Ms. Benson: Is TCCS a magnet school, a select process, it’s not a neighborhood school. 

Turchin/Gale Reeves: There’s a lottery to attend the school.

Ms. Benson: It’s the Goliath and we are David. 

Khalid: There are 2 classes on each grade? How is that going to impact our plans to increase? 

Turchin: I believe there will be space to increase if the numbers at P 36 increase. 

Green: Will the A-190 form address an issue if either school has an increase of students higher than the agreed upon numbers?

Turchin: If there is an influx of zoned students, space planning will address those needs.

Ms. Shanny: What are the dates you gave:  Educational impact statement-January 2017

                         The Joint Public Hearing: around February 2017

 TCCS Joint Public Hearing and one at PS 36

     Community meeting – Mid January 2017

          Deputy Chancellor Walk-Through prior to December 23rd

          Panel for Educational Policy Vote – February 28th in Brooklyn

Optional Community Meeting – to further discuss this proposal.

JnBaptist: Thank you to the attendees of the meeting.  If you have any more questions or concerns, let me know.

Gale Reeves: Thank you attending.

Meeting adjourned at 4:08 p.m.