PS 36 Margaret Douglas School : AUTHOR VISIT TY ALLAN
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Award winning, author, Mr. Ty Allan Jackson honored PS 36 with his presence on May 11, 2017. Mr.  Jackson has been honored with citations by the Governor of Massachusetts, Senate, and the House of Representatives for his efforts in promoting literacy. He spoke to over 400 students and staff. He amazed the students with his electrifying presentation and love for children. The product of a 15-year-old single mother, grew up in the projects on welfare, who despite the odds graduated from DeWitt Clinton High School. Foregoing college he entered the world of corporate sales.  After spending 15 years in the corporate world his path changed from a very simple life event.


He was inspired to write the book after his 6-year-old son asked if he could open a lemonade stand. This led him to seek books on entrepreneurship and finance for young people, and not finding any on the subject had an “aha!” moment and wrote his own book. He is a prolific and genuine author who is the epitome of not giving up. His first book Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire was rejected 150 times. He decided to self -publish his book and the rest is history. His goal is to instill the love or reading which mirrors his catch phrase Read or Else!


The students and staff had an incredible day with Mr. Jackson. There were numerous reflections of his books as many of the students repeatedly said that “once they started reading they couldn’t put them down.” Bravo to Mr. Jackson!! Mission accomplished!