PS 36 Margaret Douglas School : Afterschool


There are three afterschool programs offered. You may review each and select the one that best fits your needs for your time and your child. Each program has many different activities including tutoring, homework assistance and enrichment.

What role can afterschool programs play in helping young people navigate early adolescence to successful adulthood?

Some children can benefit from spending additional time developing skills in numeracy and literacy either during or after school. However, research indicates that increasing young  people’s involvement in enrichment activities can be an even more effective long-term strategy

The lack of youth facilities and programs in inner city neighborhoods prevents young people from what Putnam (2000) terms “bridging social capital.”

By providing opportunities for youth to engage with peers and adult role models, youth service organizations help engender the transfer of external assets or linkages to resources which may be beyond the means of family members but which are crucial to “getting ahead”...families residing in resource-depleted neighborhoods lack the opportunity to expose their children to the normative influences of formal institutions and the positive  role models who are affiliated with them (Quane & Rankin, 2001, p. 3).

Parents are no less caring or committed to their children’s success today than they were in  bygone eras, but a lack of time and money make it increasingly difficult to secure it. The work hours of the average parent have increased significantly. American workers currently work longer hours than those in any other industrialized country.


PS 36 recognizes the importance of providing every available opportunity for our students success!