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As a not-for-profit child-welfare agency, the mission of Harlem Dowling-West Side Center for Children and Family Services is to educate, strengthen, support, and serve individuals and families in our communities.

Services Offered

Family Preservation: connects parents and children with services to address the nature of crises that cause stress and threaten a family's ability to remain intact.  All of these services are intended to reduce the stress on the parent and reduce the risk of out of home placement for children.

Specialized Services Program:  provides education, outreach and prevention to the community at large with regards to HIV/AIDS. The program includes a youth outreach education program to reduce HIV/AIDS infection among adolescents.

Emergency Food Assistance Program: provides critically needed food assistance to families served by Harlem Dowling and the larger community.

Service Coordination and Family Reimbursement Program: works with families of severely developmentally delayed children through the provision of case management, advocacy, referral services, and cash assistance to avert out of home care.

After-School Programs:  offer academic, arts and recreational activities to students in grades PreK-8 in a safe and structured environment.

HDWC After-School Programs Overview

The Harlem Dowling - West Side Center After-School Programs’ goal is to provide students with a safe, nurturing, socially stimulating and enriching environment.  Students are involved in activities and artistic endeavors that help them develop their interests and talents. 

Harlem Dowling - West Side Center After-School Programs provide a learning base that is inspired by the community’s culture.  This program reaches out to underserved communities with fun and academic learning experiences that will enrich the future of its students.

HDWC has been offering after-school services for over 20 years.  Through several grants and initiatives HDWC has operated after-school programs in five New York City public schools.  HDWC is currently offering after school services at PS/MS 161 and PS 36.

HDWC provides in-school after-school programs of the highest quality for 400, Pre-K – 8, students for up to180 days per year for a minimum of 3 hours daily.  The programs are designed to enhance students’ learning and to improve their development mentally, socially and physically.

During program hours, students will have time allotted for supper, homework assistance, the arts, service learning, literacy, recreation, STEM etc. 

Part of HDWC’s success is owed to the successful partnerships it has formed throughout the years with other organizations and entities. These partnerships have allowed the after-school programs to take part in activities and events that they would not have been able to accomplish on their own. These partnerships include: MSG’s Garden of Dreams Foundation, Teachers College, The After-School Corporation, Project Rhythm, and Logan Gardens Housing Development.

For more information contact Jenny Fernandez at 212-690-5807 ext. 2510. 

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Making it easier for children to succeed

Margaret Douglas School is working with WebSchoolPro to provide resources that make it easier for our community to get the tools they need to be best involved in their children’s educational success.