PS 36 Margaret Douglas School : Our Vision

The Vision of Margaret Douglas School


We envision a multicultural, state of the art elementary school providing world-class excellence in education. Our enthusiastic educational environment fosters creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our team-oriented approach is focused on developing the whole child while inspiring them to become life-long learners to reach their greatest potential in school and life.


To provide a safe and nurturing learning community that advances the academic, social, emotional and physical development of all students.


PS 36: E’s of Excellence

Engage – We believe that inclusive participation from parents, teachers, staff, administrators and community enhances the educational outcomes for our students.

Enrich – We believe in adding value to our students by improving their academic, social and emotional competencies.

Encourage – We believe all children have the ability to learn and that through support and nurturing we can help them reach their full potential.

Empower – We believe that an empowered student will be one who believes in his/herself and demonstrates honesty, integrity, nobility and humility in their actions.

Engaging Communities, Enriching Students, Encouraging Excellence, Empowering Lives